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A Beautiful musical fountain show ,An artificial lake atop , A Temple on the top of the hill , a mosque nearby , The grand old Fort of Gulab singh , A most modern Fish shaped Aquaraium , majestic view points of river Tawi , Varities of trees ( Chinar , Ashoka , Rubber , Gulmohar ,weeping willow and Neem etc. ),Central water canal with fountains , steep Terraces , well managed JKTDC restaurant , sprawling lawns with green turf , flower beds and flocking tourists .

Enter Baghe Bahu of jammu city . The garden was laid in early eighties by the then government and is on a continuous path of development since then.Bagh-e-Bahu Garden is open from 08:00 to 20:00 hrs. The garden can be reached by mini-buses and auto-rickshaws from the Jammu city. It is about 5 Kms from the main Bus stand .Government proposes to connect Mubarak Mandi Complex on other side of river Tawi with this Garden with a Cable Car Project. Enjoy the views of the lovely Garden laid in Grand Mughal Style .

Bahu Fort & Gardens (Bagh-e-Bahu):

Situated 5 kms away from the city centre, Bahu Fort stands on a rock face on the left bank of the river Tawi. Perhaps the oldest fort and edifice in the city, it was constructed originally by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago. The existing fort was more recently improved upon and extended by the Dogra rulers. Inside, there is a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. An extensive terraced garden, known as Bagh-e-Bahu, has been developed around the fort.

Aquarium Bagh- e-Bahu:

The subcontinent's largest underground aquarium in Jammu's Bagh-I-Bahu area is drawing a large number of tourists ever since it was opened to the public.

Bagh-e- Bahu Aquarium:

Besides students, the aquarium has become a centre of attraction for tourists, giving them an opportunity to revel in the exotic aquatic world. The aquarium has attracted large number of tourists visiting the State. The aquarium-cum-awareness centre comprises of 24 aquarium caves including 13 small caves for holding freshwater fishes, two large caves for holding marine water fishes and nine medium sized aquariums for holding marine and fresh water fishes. It has state-of-the-art equipment, a public gallery, museum, laboratory and a multimedia conference hall. The entrance is designed in the shape of the mouth of a fish and the exit in the shape of a fish tail. The aquarium houses a museum where 400 varieties of freshwater and marine fish are on display.


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